Papers & Presentations


"Atlas of Caregiving Pilot Study Report", with Dawn Nafus, April 2016 — report of groundbreaking study of family caregiving using a novel data-collection methodology combining ethnography and leading sensor technologies and new data visualizations.

[CHAPTER] "Consumer Health Innovation Opportunities and Privacy Challenges: A View from the Trenches", in Quantified: Biosensing Technologies in Everyday Life, Dawn Nafus (editor), MIT Press, March 2016

"Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Ecology Model", with John Chaffins, May 19, 2015 — Personas and themes, and a Care Burden Characteristics model, resulting from interviews with patients, families, and clinicians, conducted for Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

"Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) Ecology Model", with John Chaffins, March 13, 2015 — Personas and themes, and the Continuous Cycle of Care Self-Management model applied to T1D, resulting from interviews with patients, families, and clinicians, conducted for Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and the T1D Exchange.

"Tech for family caregivers: 3 ways entrepreneurs can help", with Carol Levine, VentureBeat, October 24, 2014.

"Catalyzing Technology to Support Family Caregiving", with Richard Adler, published by the National Alliance for Caregiving, July 2014 — recommendations from an expert panel looking at caregiving needs, technological possibilities, and whole-system requirements.

"Long, Strange Trip Indeed", The Health Care Blog, June 18, 2013 — summarizes the learnings from product development and user feedback from Zume Life, Tonic and Unfrazzle (2006-2013).

[ADVISOR / PARTICIPANT] "Unleashing the Power of Each Individual to Manage Their Health and Partner in Their Health Care, Enabled by Information and Technology", White Paper created for Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, for their "Person at the Center" consumer e-health initiative, February 21, 2013

"Toolmaker Talks" series on the Quantified Self blog highlighting those developing products and services enabling self-tracking.

"Family Caregiving: A huge and neglected challenge", Google Policy by the Numbers blog, February 28, 2012

"The Self-Quantification Movement — Implications for Health Care Professionals", SelfCare, The journal of consumer-led health, May 2011, SelfCare 2011;2(3):87-92

"Reframing Health to Embrace Design of Our Own Well-being", with Hugh Dubberly, Shelley Evenson, and Paul Pangaro, Interactions, ACM, New York, May-June 2010

"Zume Life: Creating Self-Care Solutions", chapter in Texting 4 Health, BJ Fogg & Richard Adler editors, Stanford Captology Media, May 2009. Also published as "Requirements and Design Implications for Self-Care Solutions", Zume Life, July 2008

"Taking Charge of Your Own Wellness", with Priya Kamani, Zume Life, September 2008

"The Competitive Advantage Within", Zume Life, June 2008

"Newton: A new generation of image editing technology", Nik Multimedia white paper, December 2003

"Case Study: Whole in One: Why the answering machine is worth more than the sum of its parts", Strategy & Innovation, Volume 1, Number 3, Harvard Business School Publishing, Cambridge, MA September-October 2003

"Integrated Electronic Personal Photo Sharing: The future of consumer photography", Future Image, March 2003

[SPEAKER] "Atlas of Caregiving", National Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Conference, Washington, DC, August 2016

[CO-ORGANIZER] "3rd annual Quantified Self Public Health Symposium", University of California San Diego, May 2016. See here for highlights.

[SPEAKER] "Atlas of Caregiving", ASA Aging in America 2016 conference, Washington, DC, March 2016

[KEYNOTE] "What Have we Learned So Far?", University of San Francisco conference Improving Care At Home: Challenges and Opportunities, San Francisco, CA, October 2015.

[SPEAKER] "Framing the Problem: Understanding Family Caregiving", Medicine X Meetup on "Reframing Healthcare Design", San Francisco, CA, June 2015. (my talk starts at 9:20).

[KEYNOTE] "8 Years to the Model T: Zume Life to Unfrazzle, Findings From a Long Strange Trip", Health Foo 2013, Boston, MA, December 2013

[KEYNOTE] "Novel Approaches for Patient Engagement Through Technology", Patient Engagement in Clinical Trials, Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, Las Vegas, NV, November 2013

[KEYNOTE] "Health Technology for the Other 99%", Medicine X, panel on "Interconnected Lives of Patients and Doctors", Stanford, CA, September 2013 (videos: keynotepanel discussion)

[KEYNOTE] "Quantified Self: 5 Years, 5 Lessons", Quantified Self: The Next Frontier in Mobile Self-Tracking, organized by TiE Silicon Valley and the Santa Clara Valley IEEE Communications Society, Santa Clara, CA, September 2013 (video)

[KEYNOTE] "Health Technology for the Other 99%", Health Hack Day, Stockholm, Sweden, May 2013 (video)

[KEYNOTE] "The Future of Healthcare: Innovation at the Edge", HIC2012, Sydney, Australia, August 2012

[DISCUSSION LEADER] "The caregiver crisis: Why do 44 million workers who perform a critical and difficult job get so little attention and support?" — one of the 20 "Great Challenges" explored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Pioneer Portfolio at TEDMED 2011, September 2011, in preparation for TEDMED 2012.

[SPEAKER] "Tracking Personal Health", SVForum, Mobile Internet SIG session on mHealth, August 2011. You can also watch the video (my talk starts at 42:20).

[SPEAKER] "Technologies for People with Multiple Chronic Conditions", Healthcare Unbound Conference & Exhibition, San Diego, CA, July 2011

[WORKSHOP LEADER] "Creating Disruptive Technologies for Healthcare", Healthcare Unbound Conference & Exhibition, San Diego, CA, July 2011

[INTERVIEW] "Rajiv Mehta talks about the importance of personal science", MIT Technology Review, June 2011

[SPEAKER] "Signs of the Future Today: Tonic", Institute for the Future, Health Horizons Conference, Sausalito, CA June 2011

[SPEAKER] "Taming Complexity: Making self care easier", Mobile Health 2011: What Really Works, Stanford, CA, May 2011

[SPEAKER] "Remembering: Enabling Experimentation", Quantified Self Show & Tell #18, San Francisco, CA, March 2011. (slides & talking points, video)

[WORKSHOP LEADER] "A People Centered Approach to Designing Self-Management Products and Services", Healthcare Unbound Conference & Exhibition, San Diego, CA, July 2010

[SPEAKER] "Reframing Health to Embrace Design of Our Own Well-being", with Hugh Dubberly, Healthcare Unbound Conference & Exhibition, San Diego, CA, July 2010

[SPEAKER] "Reframing Health as more than Health-care: Recognizing the importance of self-management and the role individuals have in designing their own well-being", with Hugh Dubberly, BayCHI, Palo Alto, CA, March 2010

[PANELIST] "Personal Cloud — When the cloud extends to our own physical bodies and the data they produce", Fujitsu Laboratories of America Technology Symposium 2009, on "Cloud Computing: Beyond the Hype", Sunnyvale, CA, June 2009

[PANELIST] "Your Robot Will See You Now — How technology is creating your personal hospital", International CES Tradeshow, Las Vegas, January 2009

[VIDEO] "Everyday Illness". This short film explorers a day-in-the-life of two adults and one child managing a chronic illness, and their use of the Zume Life prototype system. October 2008.

[SPEAKER] "Zume Life" in "Pharmacy and Medication Management" session, Health 2.0 Conference, San Francisco, October 2008

[SPEAKER] "Moving Mobility & the Internet from Viral and Virtual to Vital and Valued: Creating an in-hand and online system for self-care — the advent of individual wellness empowerment", The Conference Board Marketing Research Conference, Chicago, June 2008

[SPEAKER] "Solutions for Enabling and Enhancing Personal Health Care and Strengthening the Personal Health Ecosystem", Texting 4 Health Conference, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, February 2008

[PANELIST] "Marketing and Sales Operations for Life Science Entrepreneurs", FountainBlue Life Science Entrepreneur's Forum, Redwood City, CA, October 2007

[SPEAKER] "Four Themes in Consumer Imaging", InfoTrends Digital Imaging 2002 Conference, October 2002

[KEYNOTE] "From Analog to Digital ... delivering on the promise", PMA 2002 Convention, February 2002