We help companies
evaluate and commercialize
radical innovation


Radical innovation, necessary for the creation of major new market opportunities, requires a different approach than incremental innovation. Most innovation is incremental, involving modest technological changes, existing markets, and established customer behaviors. Companies compete by leveraging existing knowledge and organizational competencies. Radical innovation, however, is based on large technological changes and/or dramatically different new product concepts, and addresses latent customer needs. The markets for such innovations, by definition, barely exist. To evaluate and exploit such opportunities requires knowledge and resources that are likely outside a company's current experiences.

We can help you efficiently evaluate and commercialize radical innovation opportunities, by working with you to deeply investigate and understand latent market needs, to synthesize product solutions and business strategies from ideas and technologies in many different places, to advocate for letting go of pet theories, and by identifying ways to rapidly test concepts.

Bhageera is led by Rajiv Mehta, an experienced technology and business leader. He has more than twenty years experience in developing new businesses, via executive positions and consulting roles in large corporations and entrepreneurial startups in a wide variety of technologies and industry sectors. Rajiv combines strategic thinking with a passion for hands-on execution. He takes an analytical, multi-disciplinary and creative approach to identifying and exploiting significant growth opportunities based on radical technological innovations or new market insights. He has conceived of and led many products from sketch-on-a-napkin to in-the-market success.

We provide consulting services, in an advisory or temporary hands-on capacity, for:
• Evaluation and commercialization of radical innovation
• Business strategy for emerging / nascent markets
• General management of new business ventures
• Product management
• Business development
• Marketing strategy & execution

Have included: Adobe, Apple, Attachmate, Blue Pixel, Caliper, Dejima, Fotiva, Fujitsu, Future Image, Global Alliance Partners, Health Metrics Systems, Hewlett Packard, Interval Research, Inverness Medical Innovations, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Mirra, Motorola, NASA, Nik, PranaRx, Regis McKenna, Sage Software, Sony, Symbol Technologies, Zume Life 
  Focus on intersection of
consumer & health & technology


A major focus of our work has been on people's own efforts to manage their health — "self care," "family caregiving," and "consumer health" — on understanding market needs and on developing products and solutions to meet these needs. As over 99% of care of health happens outside the clinical setting and by regular people, and the burdens of such home-based care are increasing, improving consumer care is vital to improving health. Unfortunately, it has also been a relatively neglected field. Fortunately there is also a tremendous potential for technology to dramatically increase the efficacy and to reduce the burden of consumer care.

The Atlas of Caregiving Pilot is exploring new ways to study and map family caregiving to make it easier and more effective. The project is supported by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Working with leaders in the Quantified Self, health, and caregiving communities, we will collect, analyze and visualize data — both qualitative and quantitative — to help us better understand family caregiving in the United States.

Quantified Self (QS) is a global collaboration of users and makers of tracking tools. People who track various aspects of their lives with the expectation that they'll learn something about themselves and perhaps use that knowledge to improve their lives in some way. Rajiv is co-organizer of Quantified Self.


We have organized and participated in conferences and workshops worldwide on consumer needs and technology opportunities, and written on these topics. Highlights include:
  • "Catalyzing Technology to Support Family Caregiving" (Jul'14) — paper
  • "8 Years to the Model T" (Dec'13) — presentation
  • "Quantified Self: 5 Years, 5 Lessons" (Oct'13) — presentation 
  • "Long, Strange Trip Indeed" (Jun'13) — essay
  • "Health Technology for the Other 99%" (May'13) — presentation
  • ONC white paper on technology for personal health (Feb'13)
  • "The Future of Healthcare: Innovation at the Edge" (Aug'12) — presentation
  • "Outfitting Families for Caregiving Journeys" (Aug'12) — presentation
  • "Reframing Health to Embrace Design of Our Own Well-being" (May'10) — paper & presentation
  • "A Billion Little Experiments" (Dec'09) — paper